Houston Aerials / by Bryan Malloch

As a native Houstonian, I have grown to love this city for everything that it is.  Hard working, hot and humid, lush and green with a few places to avoid when the sun goes down.  It's not perfect but it really has a charm all of its own.  

Part of the reason I got into photography was because I was so enamored with the skyline growing up.  I've always been drawn to the skyscrapers that dot this city in so many areas.  Now, I really enjoy showing off what Houston has to offer for people who may have been told all the reasons not to visit, or think we're just some swamp that is built on an ugly brown bayou.  

There is so much beauty here, even for a place without a single hill or mountain stream and I intend to showcase it as much as time allows me while I'm here.